19 Giugno 2020


Nome: WikiShia Logo:   Descrizione: WikiShia is a free online encyclopedia about Shi’a, Islam. This wiki contains more than 14700 pages about Shia in 10 languages including […]
4 Aprile 2019

Islam Ansiklopedisi

Nome: Islam Ansiklopedisi Logo:  
4 Aprile 2019

Encyclopedia Iranica

Nome: Encyclopedia Iranica Logo:   Descrizione: The Encyclopædia Iranica is dedicated to the study of Iranian civilization in the Middle East, the Caucasus, Central Asia, and the Indian Subcontinent. […]
4 Aprile 2019

Islamic Encyclopedia

Nome: Islamic Encyclopedia Logo:   Descrizione: Praise to Allah and peace to His Messenger. The encyclopedias that have so far been published, or are on the Web, […]
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